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There are stupas all over Kushinagar, including the relic stupa-Mukutbandhana and the Chaitayas and Viharas built by royal patrons in the Gupta period. It was several years later that Chinese travellers Fa Hien, Hiuen Tsang and I. Tsing visited Kushinagar and gave a graphic account of the place, which by the had fallen to bad times. The existing historical sites at Kushinagar can be divided into three Categories:the Mahaparinirvana Temple, which houses the statue of the reclining Buddha, the Mata Kunwar Shrine, which houses a 10th Century blue schist image of Buddha, and the Rambhar Stupa, which is supposed to be the spot where Lord Buddha was cremated. For a long time Kushinagar remained lost in the jungles till the British rediscovered it in 1880. 

Apart from the museums at Varanasi, Kushinagar and Gorakhpur, fine collections of Buddhist Sculptural art are treasured in the museums of Mathura, Sarnath, Allahabad and Lucknow. The Govt. Museum at Mathura, famous for the largest collection of Kusana Art, is a repository of Buddhist art too. Buddha images housed here of the Gupta period are among the master pieces of world art. 



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